The minimum system requirements are Windows XP (SP2) or later, 1.5GHz INTEL or AMD CPU and 512 MB RAM or an Intel based MacOSX 10.7 or later. DVD burning is possible under Windows with a DVD-Burner and empty DVD media.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 or higher can be used for accessing content but not for burning a Video-DVD. If the Video-DVD has already been burned, it can be played back on MacOS X.

Linux computers can not be used for download or convert but they can be used to play the burned Video-DVD (depending on the purchased license).

The “My Content” function in the shop guides you to accessing your purchased or rented content. Even if your device breaks down and you have to switch to a different device you can access the content by following directions in the “My Content” function.

You can use the email and password to login to “My Content” and the player. This allows you to access and manage the content you have purchased.

Content can be sold with and without DRM protection. Whether a specific piece of content has DRM applied to it you can see from the license options in the product details.

If you purchased a “to own” license or a license with a “burn” option you can access the content as often and on as many computers, devices and/or DVD-Players you want.

Yes, content can also be accessed on Apple iOS ( at least version 8) and Android ( at least version 2.3) devices. Depending on the license also other devices may be supported.

Not every product can be burned. Burning a Video-DVD works under Windows (see system requirements) with every standard DVD burner and empty DVD media. In order to burn make sure you order a license that includes the “burn” option.

This depends on the license you order. See the license options on the product details page for more information.

This depends on the license you order. See the license options on the product details page for more information.

This depends on the license you order. The license description typically includes this information.

The films in the shop may be available in SD (standard definition) and HD (high definiton) formats. SD films are based on the fluxDVD format. This means the video is encoded in H.264 high profile which is the same encoding used for BluRay players. Audio is kept in original AC-3 from the DVD. The quality of SD is about the quality of DVDs while HD is closer to the quality of BluRays.

No. If your internet connection is fast enough you can start accessing the content seconds after the download starts.

The time depends on a lot of factors starting from the size of the film to the internet connection and computer speed for transcoding the movie to DVD.

No. Disconnects are handled automatically and loading the missing data is tried again.

Yes, in order to handle the content and enable a smooth download, play and burn, the purchase process will automatically guide you through the software installation process. The software is signed for security and constantly checked against viruses and other malicious software.

Yes. Once the purchase completes you will receive an email with the invoice.

This will show up on your credit card bill as indicated during the purchase process.